Tick Tock! Stop the Clock is almost here!

We are fast approaching our very first Chasing Time writing retreat on the 29th of September.

We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response so far and we are now down to our final place on the retreat.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to provide all Chasing Time retreaters with a 10% discount off of any subsequent retreats that they book.

Here’s some additional information about Stop the Clock, from our tutor and published author Sandra Ireland.

“On our Stop the Clock retreat, we are hoping to provide our writers with the time and space to prioritise their work. The venue lends itself to any kind of creative endeavour – it is peaceful and spacious enough to allow our guests uninterrupted writing time. In addition, we will be offering some creative writing exercises and workshops (generally in the morning) which might inspire new work, or give a new perspective on a work-in-progress.

We will be inviting guests to submit some work in advance of the retreat (up to 2000 words) for one-to-one mentoring sessions on the Saturday afternoon. This might be a synopsis, and/or a couple of short chapters. As a published novelist myself, I will be able to give valuable feedback, and share tips on the sort of things agents and publishers will be looking for in your manuscript.

We are also looking forward to hosting evening get-togethers in the bar, a safe space to share work and opinions, and to ask any questions you may have about novel writing, publishing, etc. One of the most valuable aspects of any such writing event is the chance to meet like-minded folk, and to make those all-important connections. We will have exclusive use of the hotel, and we are keeping numbers to a minimum to allow for an intimate and relaxed retreat experience.”

Further information about Stop the Clock and our other retreats, Turn Back Time and Tick Tock – Writing Detox, is available here.

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