Inaugural Retreat Success

This time last week we had just arrived home from our first Chasing Time Writing Retreat – ‘Stop The Clock’ – and what a fantastic weekend it was. We were so lucky to have such a talented and enthusiastic group of retreaters join us, and from the outset we knew we were going to be in for something special. So first of all, the Chasing Time team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our guests for making the weekend as enjoyable as it was. We’re already looking forward to the next one!


Upon arrival our retreaters settled into their rooms and then we all met in the bar for welcome drinks by a roaring log fire. Here we were able to start to get to know each other, to hear a little bit about what each person was looking to get out of the weekend, and to find out what we were all working on.

The next morning, after a full cooked breakfast, we had a walk in the gorgeous grounds for some writing inspiration, which we then used towards a quick WordSprint, where some fantastic writing was produced all round.

Saturday and Sunday mornings were taken up with workshops, whilst Saturday afternoon left everyone with plenty of free time to concentrate on their current works in progress (or to carry on with some inspirational exercises from the workshop, or perhaps start a new project), as well as time for scheduled one to one feedback on a piece of previously submitted writing. (In between being kept refreshed by constant cups of tea and coffee of course!)

One of our favourite parts of the weekend was the (optional) sharing of work on the Saturday evening back by the warmth of the fire, by which time we all felt like old friends.

We have been blown away by the positive feedback and reviews we have received, with three of the retreaters giving us the best compliment ever by booking straight on to our next retreat at the beginning of November – our fabulously gothic Halloween-inspired ‘Turn Back Time‘.

We’re proud to leave you with a taste of our first reviews and hope to see some of you on a Chasing Time Writing Retreat very soon. Thank you from the Chasing Time Team, Dawn, Elizabeth and Sandra.


This was my first writer’s retreat, and it exceeded my expectations. I received helpful feedback and meaningful critique. The hosts were full of amazing tips. As a writer new to Scotland, the hosts also provided invaluable information on the writing community here. Loved meeting like minded fellow writer’s to spend a lovely weekend at a beautiful country hotel! What a great way to kick start some writing projects. Looking forward to the retreat in November!

I enjoyed a productive and inspirational weekend with the Chasing Time Writing Retreat in the heart of Angus. Not only did I get a breakthrough on my current project as a result of the feedback I received and the time to write, the workshops also gave me invaluable ideas for further writing. The setting of Rosely House Hotel is stunning and very atmospheric. There were a great cast of participants too who made every session a delight. But most of my praise will be heaped on the directors – who choreographed every moment of the weekend with the lightest of touches so that although I was worked hard, it never felt that way. I felt as though I was being set free. Can’t wait to book in to the next one as I know it will be just the topup I will need to keep my writing on track.

A unique and priceless experience. Coming together with people who love the same thing as you is just magical. The retreat is hosted a grand palatial country house hotel in Arbroath, Scotland. With workshops set out across the weekend and informal one to one sessions with a best selling author. I thoroughly enjoyed my writing retreat and I am going back for the next one in November. If you love writing and need some support and guidance then this is a safe place to come and share your work. Also I should add I am very shy and usually group settings would be hard for me. However not at Chasing Time Retreats there is no pressure and the hosts are so very kind and caring.

A most encouraging, informative and inspiring weekend. I found the quality and personal nature of the feedback, the fireside readings and the shared learning/conversations most useful and enjoyable, as well as the passion for writing and literature present in the Chasing Time crew and participants.



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