Slimline Your Writing.
Date: 4pm Friday 2nd of February 2018 to 2pm Sunday 4th of February 2018

If you’re great at getting words on the page, but feel that your finished product could be tightened up more, this is the retreat for you.

We’ll be exploring how to pare back your prose, looking at Structure, Plotting and Editing in particular, whilst also ensuring that you have plenty of free writing time to put everything into practice.

Friday evening.

Over supper and drinks in the bar, we’ll discuss our hopes and aims for the weekend, as well as our current works in progress, and authors whose styles we admire and why. Can we learn from them? What keeps you turning the page? Can you apply this to your own writing?


After breakfast, we’ll have a limbering up exercise before the main workshop:

Beginnings & endings: How to hook your reader from the outset then leave them wanting more.

This will also cover issues such as plot, where to slot in backstory without slowing the narrative drive, and ensuring that there are sufficient character and story arcs.

The afternoon will be set aside for private writing time, and pre-arranged one-to-one sessions. Our evening meal will be followed by drinks in the bar and a chance to share your work around a roaring fire.


Most writers find it hard to step back from their own writing to see how it has changed over time and pinpoint where it can be improved. However, using examples of writing from other authors can work wonders to help you edit your own work more effectively.

Today’s workshop will be:

How to improve your editing skills using written examples and exercises

This will be followed by lunch, with another chance to share your work, and to discuss how you can take your writing plans forward.

Booking information:
Two nights fully catered accommodation
Price for single occupancy: £275
Price based on sharing a twin room – £250
Deposit of £100 payable on booking
Balance payable no later than 3rd of January 2018

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Date: 20th of April 2018 to 22nd of April 2018

Details coming soon.